You may already have had some ideas about your marketing – perhaps you’re thinking about some PR, a client brochure, or a revamped website. But have you thought enough about who your target audience is, what they want and what you need to say to them?

Our marketing planning services are the next step on from business planning. We make sure that you reach the right people in the right way so that everything you do is effective. Some of the most popular areas we work on with our clients include:

    • Market positioning – making your brand unique so that you stand out from your competitors
    • Communications strategy – designing an effective approach and marketing messages to achieve your business goals
    • Marketing plan – a practical plan of activity which fits your needs, your budget and your resources

We also offer ‘Kickstart Consultation’ sessions as a first step, and longer facilitated days or half days to plan in more detail. These are perfect solutions if you want to get going quickly with practical and effective communications. We will work with you to build up a marketing strategy and plan which you can start putting into action immediately. For more information about our packages and how they could help you to achieve your objectives, please get in touch.