Getting your story in the media

Working with the media isn’t easy, that’s for sure – it’s a tough nut to crack. And in that nutshell, it’s all about building relationships with journalists and making yourself helpful to them. If you do this in the right way, when the time is ripe you might hit the jackpot of a news story or feature article.

We’ve had a very exciting week, as a culmination of all of this for one of our clients. It started very slowly by building up contacts, offering expert comment and making the client available for interview on various topics in which they have great expertise. We’ve been feeding through press releases, meeting with journalists, and keeping on top of who writes what, for many months. Finally, this week, we got coverage in three separate stories published by the Guardian, had a guest piece published in the Financial Times, and had one of our clients on the panel for The Guardian’s live online debate.

The client’s comment? ‘We couldn’t have asked for better coverage’ – praise indeed. For us, that’s when all of the hard work is worth it. If you’d like us to help you to raise your profile, please fill in our contact form and we’ll get in touch to see how we can help.